Chin contouring can alleviate droopy jowls, double chin and sagging skin on the chin. Your chin and jawline frame your face and provide symmetry that enhances your features. When everything is in balance you don’t notice, but when that balance is off due to a saggy or double chin it stands out. It can make you look tired, overweight, and older than you are.

Double chins and saggy jowls can be the result of excess weight, age, genetics or even your posture. Any of these can contribute to an extra layer of fat developing under your chin. Even a strict diet and regular exercise cannot prevent this condition if you are genetically predisposed to it.

 Makeup can conceal saggy skin under your chin, but it is simply not practical to engage in a lengthy routine to mask the fat and enhance your jawline every time you want to leave the house. Why go through all that work when you can visit Premiere Plastic Surgery and sculpt the chin you want, quickly and easily?

NON-SURGICAL - trusculpt ID

• 24% fat reduction
• 15 minute treatments
• No downtime
• no surgery
• comfortable, safe and effective

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chin contouring

truSculpt iD is a revolutionary non-invasive fat loss treatment designed for your busy life. You can visit during lunch hour and be back at work before anyone notices you’re gone.

Using innovative radio frequency technology truSculpt iD selectively targets the loose skin and fatty tissue under your jaw and is clinically proven to “melt” the fat away, letting you pass it naturally. On average, patients using truSculpt see an average 24% fat reduction.

Create balance and symmetry in your life and on your face with chin contouring by Premiere Plastic Surgery.

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