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Breast Augmentation

An increasing number of Saskatchewan women are choosing to have breast augmentation, a procedure to improve the size and shape of their breasts using breast implants.  Advanced surgical techniques like “No Touch” breast augmentation and improved breast implant technology have given women enhanced results, making breast augmentation an excellent choice for most women.  Each procedure is customized to the woman and their individual breast characteristics and preferences.  This procedure can result in improvements in breast shape, breast size, body proportions, confidence, self-esteem and better fitting clothing.  Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures that Dr. Chandran performs.


With time, breasts can lose their shape and firmness.  This can lead to sagging and droopiness of the breasts and lowering of the nipples to an undesired position.  The sagging of the breasts can be made worse by breast feeding, pregnancy and weight changes. With a mastopexy, it is possible to improve the droopiness of the breasts, remove excess skin and the raise the position of the nipples.  This results in rejuvenated, shapely, more youthful breasts. Sometimes, breast implants may need to be used in conjunction with the mastopexy to achieve the desired results.

Types of Mastopexies

Periareolar mastopexy – incision is around the areola and the entire breast (including the nipple) is moved up.  The shape of the breast is improved with this surgery.  This technique is usually used for mild to moderate droopiness of the breast.

Vertical mastopexy – also called a “lollipop” mastopexy.  The surgical scar is around the areola and vertically downwards.  The breast is reshaped and the nipple is raised through this incision

Wise-pattern mastopexy – also called “anchor” mastopexy.  This is the traditional, most commonly performed mastopex worldwide.  This is used for larger or very droopy breasts.  The final results are an improved shape in the breast, raised nipple position and an upside down “T” or “anchor shaped” scar.

male plastic surgery

Gynecomastia Surgery

With age, weight fluctuations, medication, the chest of a male can change.  Sometimes the nipple area can be prominent and occasionally be painful.   The breast tissue can be visible through clothing. Gynecomastia surgery involves removing some of the tissue underneath the nipple and contouring the chest to give a masculine shape to a chest.  This can help men fit better in clothing and give improved self-confidence.

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